The best under the sun

The innovations on energy savings in the greenhouse industry were coming to a grinding halt. That is up until to now. The revolutionary heating and cooling system of Sika Energy is the top of the line development. The Sikaplex Solar System is a unique way to use solar energy. A simplified affordable solution, with enormous savings on the cost of energy.

Our company Sika Energy has over 40 years of experience in the greenhouse industry. During this time, the cost of energy kept changing and only continued to go up. It became a greater problem every year to control the cost of energy. This made it a challenge to find an affordable durable solution. The result is the Sikaplex Solar System. Energy that is green and clean for the greenhouse industry.

Revolutionary greenhouse heating
  • A unique application of solar energy
  • 50 to 95% energy savings
  • Pay back within 6 years
  • Rebates and tax credits available through government programs
  • Durable and environment friendly heating and cooling